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iTransact Group Inc.

iTransact Trusted Advisor

Credit card & ACH processing (Retail, Internet, Mobile)

We want to help your clients save on their credit card processing fees and we’ll pay you to do it!

Our Trusted Advisor program is specifically designed to help CPAs help their clients unravel the mystery of credit card processing fees and to provide guaranteed savings and superior customer service. As former public accounting CPAs ourselves, we have successfully partnered with many CPA firms and CPA Associations nationwide over our 19-year history to do just that. And we do all the work!

Our program benefits you:

  • We pay you or your firm a 20% lifetime monthly residual split on gross residual income we receive from your non-attestation clients. This can get lucrative quickly.
  • Our program provides your firm with the opportunity to add an additional value added service to your portfolio. Your clients appreciate your thoughtfulness and consequently you add another loyalty “hook” and client retention increases.
  • Your clients process with a company with a service reputation that is unparalleled in the industry. As former CPAs ourselves and with the extra layer of security our Austin Society relationship provides, we understand the important CPA/client relationship and we do everything we can to safeguard it.

Our program benefits your client:

  • We guarantee we’ll save at least 90% of your clients substantial money on their processing fees.
  • We provide free consulting during all phases of the engagement, including free ongoing customer support.

To learn more, please call our National Business Development Manager, Todd Richardson, at 801-951-8121 or email at