We had a great turnout for our Annual Meeting of Members and Election of Officers on Friday, January 13, 2017 at the University of Texas Club. Our current Chapter president, Olivia Riley, presided over the meeting and kept us on track since there was much business to cover.

Slate of Officers
Connie Clark, Immediate Past President, introduced the new officers for 2017-2018 and requested any nominations from the floor. The members voted unanimously to approve the following slate of officers:

• President-Elect: Kristy Holmes-Hetzel
• Manager-Community Involvement: Sean Skellenger
• Manager-Member Services: Mary Kay Robinson
• Manager-Education & Leadership: Ashlee Martin
• Secretary/Treasurer-Elect: Jeremy Myers
• TSCPA Directors (Expires 2020): Nancy Foss, Jesse Dominguez, Olivia Riley
• Members-at-Large: Travis Johnston, Jim Pumphret, Angie Hardy, Paul Matthews, Bette Williams, Carol Boyd, Joyce Smith, Debra Watkins
• Student or Candidate Member: Jessica Sajak
• Nominations Committee: Katy Avenson, Donna Wesling, Matt Malcom

The Austin CPA Chapter is incredibly fortunate to have another group of wonderful volunteers to make our upcoming year successful.

Scholarship Recipients
Olivia then explained our scholarship application and awards process and introduced this year’s accounting scholarship recipients:

• Otto Gindler, Texas State University (Bette Williams Scholarship)
• Laura Nieman, Austin Community College
• Bailey Pasqua, Texas State University
• Cassie Coppedge, Texas State University
• Phuong Le, Texas State University
• Mark Franklin, Austin Community College
• Lauren Woolfolk, University of Texas Austin
• Bilal Balwani, University of Texas Austin
• Mekecia Larson, Austin Community College
• Megan Schumacher, University of Texas Austin
• Kurterry Singleton, St. Edwards University

CPE credit, too!
Our keynote speaker was Jim Oliver, CPA, TSCPA Chairman-Elect. He presented his Professional Issues Update which provided the latest and greatest about professional developments affecting the practice of accounting now and in the near future.

We appreciate all our members who attended the meeting!