We had a great turnout for our Annual Meeting of Members and Election of Officers on Wednesday, January 16 at Maggiano’s Little Italy. Our current Chapter president, Kristy Holmes-Hetzel, presided over the meeting and kept us on track since there was much business to cover.

Slate of Officers
Kate Rhoden, Immediate Past President, introduced the new officers for 2019-2020 and requested any nominations from the floor. The members voted unanimously to approve the following slate of officers:

  • President-Elect: Jeremy Myers
  • Manager-Community Involvement: Paul Matthews
  • Manager-Member Services: Lara Akinboye
  • Manager-Education & Leadership: Chris Okafor
  • Secretary/Treasurer-Elect: Jessica Lopez
  • TSCPA Directors (Expires 2022): Kristy Holmes-Hetzel, Carol Boyd, Diana Sullivan
  • Members-at-Large: Georgian Whitenight, Mark Franklin, Tracie Miller-Nobles, Liz McKibbon Bailey, Bang Huynh, Kara Hamann, Katy Avenson, Mandy Klein, Connie Clark.
  • Student or Candidate Member: Paul Pedroncelli
  • Nominations Committee: Kate Rhoden, Jan Keeling, Jessica Lopez

The Austin CPA Chapter is incredibly fortunate to have another group of wonderful volunteers to make our upcoming year successful.

The membership also approved changes to chapter dues amounts for Retired and 40-Year Members.

Scholarship Recipients
Kristy also explained our scholarship application and awards process and introduced the 2018-19 accounting scholarship recipients:

  • Halie Warren, Austin Community College (Bette Williams Scholarship)
  • Cristina Christensen, Austin Community College (Austin Community College Professional Accountant Scholarship)
  • Julie Sigety, Austin Community College (Austin Community College Professional Accountant Scholarship)
  • Briana Merkel, Concordia University Texas
  • Matthew Fawkes, University of Texas at Austin
  • Mirabel Awoniyi, Huston Tillotson University
  • Valentina Martinez, St. Edwards University
  • William Reese Eller, University of Texas at Austin
  • Derek Lutz, University of Texas at Austin
  • McKanie McNamara, University of Texas at Austin
  • Jill Carpenter, Austin Community College
  • Miguel Santibanez, Texas State University
  • Anning Xu, University of Texas at Austin

CPE credit, too!
Our keynote speaker was Lei D. Testa, CPA, TSCPA Chairman-Elect. She presented Focus of the Future: Talent Trends in the Profession. Looking ahead, demographic shifts and demands on our profession will shape and change the talent available in the market. Are you prepared? Lei discussed a potential CPA talent shortage, changing skillsets for CPAs, career path opportunities and how we can make a difference in the future of the profession and in future-proofing the talent in our firms and companies.

We appreciate all our members who attended the meeting!