What have our Business and Industry CPAs have been up to? Our recent big, big, BIG B&I event was the annual CFO/Controllers Conference on Thursday, September 21, 2017. Did I say big? We had 155 attending – the most ever! By golly!!! The Secret Spy remembers when this drew less than 50 to the Chapter office.

Our eight sponsors, BlackLine SystemsPaychexTrintechBridgepoint ConsultingFMG CPA, LLCGlobal Systems Integration (GSI, Inc.)Capital Strategies, a Member of the MassMutual Financial Group and Mike’s Print Shop, provided yummy breakfast, lunch, desserts, snacks, beverages and door prizes. Even better, the sponsors helped keep the cost for each B&I member down to a rock-bottom bargain. Let’s show our Texas support back by looking at each website and if we can use their services, well give them a call.

What do you know at our first session,this Secret Spy got a tidbit and that was to only use two numbers times each other for forecasting revenue. Now that is using a simple method. Want to hear more, our speaker Philip Campbell has a book on Financial Forecasting and this Secret Spy is going to pick one up. No matter how many forecasts we have done a tidbit here and there makes for a smarter CPA.

Then wonderful Paula Workman White was showing us the way to reality on succession planning, then guess what happened, the happiest person called Payroll Queen (Whitney Kuryak) from Paychex sponsored our morning break. Thank you, Payroll Queen!

Scott Perry showed us how to build a national brand. We had lunch sponsored by BlackLine Systems. That lunch at the Norris Center hit just the spot for the afternoon of running thru a checklist on how to get the money you need in the banking industry to treasury management. Those sweethearts at Frost Bank sent a team to support us Industry folks and this Secret Spy is so grateful.

Not a secret, cause you never want to miss when attorney Connie Cornell talks employment law. Trintech then sponsored our afternoon pick me up break and that was just so delicious. Did I mention the raffle? Well, we had one and what fun to get cost effective and interesting continuing education and a gift.

Tanner Vaughan then helped us realize spending money to reduce risk is money well spent because when IT disasters hit whether accidentally by an employee event or by that one click ransom-ware you need a team you can depend on. We then wrapped up the day with the sweetest, kindest and dedicated owner of ABC Home & Commercial Services, Bobby Jenkins.  Remember when we called for ABC Pest, well diversification is the name of the game with personal service the key to success.

Then guess what: For the first time ever, GSI, Inc. sponsored a friendly and very well-attended reception immediately following the conference at Cover 3. More food, more prizes and a few adult beverages capped off the day for those who attended. GSI had some awesome give-aways at the door along with the friendliest smile from staff that welcomed each and every one of us, including unbeknownst to them the Secret Spy.

The food was just fabulous and taking the time out of our busy schedules to share a smile with fellow CPAs is an opportunity to share and care the CPA way. Secret Spy believes when we share and care with our peers, wonderful ideas can come to light. Just an awesome experience and then Chapter member Jim Dardnne won registration to the 2018 CFO/Controllers Conference, which is already in the planning stages! If you didn’t stop in, well here’s hoping next year we get another reception to share and care.

Just as a last note this Secret Spy came armed with my laptop (there’s power and WiFi for everyone at Norris!), I slipped quietly (you know Secret Spy’s do) into my spot, planning to read email, but soon came to my senses.  Sure, people will tell you to go to these things to score great CPE, but the networking is invaluable. I walked around the room, visiting with old friends and making new B&I kindred souls. Watch for the next Secret Spy tidbit coming soon.