About TXCPA Austin

The purposes of TXCPA Austin are to elevate the standard of proficiency, integrity and character of the profession; to cultivate professional cooperation and social interaction among members; and promote cooperation within the TXCPA and other CPA organizations for the advancement of the profession of public accountancy. In fulfilling these purposes, TXCPA Austin heavily relies on its volunteers (members), who serve on committees and task forces.

TXCPA Austin’s activities and committees are organized in the following categories:

  • Community Involvement
  • Education and Leadership
  • Member Services

TXCPA Austin has been providing members with professional support since its inception on January 19, 1939 as the Austin-Waco Chapter of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants. Eight members attended the first meeting.

Austin Chapter CPA

TXCPA Austin separated from the joint chapter on August 13, 1940. During the 1954-55 year, the first newsletter was published and membership increased to 50 members. TXCPA Austin membership grew to approximately 100 members during the 1960-61 year.

During the 1965-66 year, TXCPA Austin scholarships were awarded for the first time to black and female high school students. TXCPA Austin received the TXCPA Outstanding Small Chapter Award in 1972-73.

TXCPA Austin received the TXCPA Outstanding Medium Chapter Award in 1974-75. TXCPA Austin elected its first woman president for the 1975-76 year.

During the 1980-81 year, TXCPA Austin established its own office as the activity center for its members. The membership grew to over 500 members during the 1981-82 year and to 1,000 members during the 1984-85 year.

TXCPA Austin received the TXCPA Outstanding Large Chapter Award in 1983-84 and started participating in the TXCPA Joint Dues Billing program.

CAFBAs a result, the TXCPA Austin increased its membership by 42%, ending the year with 1,223 members and received its second TXCPA Outstanding Large Chapter Award in 1993-94.

Current TXCPA Austin membership exceeds 2,200.

The professional composition of TXCPA Austin’s membership is split 45:55 between CPAs in public accounting and those in industry, government and education.

Women are rapidly joining the ranks of a once male-dominated profession, with national estimates indicating approximately 50 percent of those entering the field today to be female.

Ongoing Services

  • Continuing Professional Education
  • Annual Tax & CFO/Controller Conferences

  • CPA Finder
  • Career Center

  • Community Involvement Opportunities

  • Networking Events

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