Jesse Dominguez, Austin Chapter Past President and current softball team captain, files this report.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather considering our 2013 hope and dreams for softball glory were dashed away by rain last September. But this year, the clouds gave way to a cool morning breeze with rays of warm sun shining intermittently throughout the morning as the umpires shouted “Play Ball” and your very own tie-dye clad Austin CPA Weirdos made their way onto the Randoll Mill softball fields in Arlington, TX to participate in the Fort Worth CPA softball tournament.

On Saturday, September 20, sixteen teams started the day on the ultimate quest, being crowned as the victors over the rest. Our team of nine men and four women started off on the right foot when we bested Travis Wolff 17-4, but sustained a day-ending injury to one of our outfielders, Matt Noles as he completed his triple by limping into third base with a pulled hamstring. This left us with twelve players to continue the tournament. We wrapped up open play with another victory over Weaver 16-4 and entered single elimination play as the number two seed based on our margins of victory in the first two games.

We next played PWC in a hard-fought game that saw us tied 6-6 until we broke it open with six more runs and finished with a 12-6 win. That game made history for us as we advanced to play a fourth game for the first time in our tournament history. It was at this time that our lack of depth and the heat showed up as well as a very skilled Whitley Penn team to produce the game of the day.

We started off behind 2-0 but came back in the bottom of the first to take the lead 3-2. It then became a defensive game for a few innings until we each produced multiple runs. When time expired, Whitley Penn had an 8-7 lead, but as the home team, we had last bats and tied it up 8-8. We went into extra innings where Whitley Penn scored. We needed a score and got it. With two outs and a runner on third base that we weren’t able to get across the plate, we went into a third extra inning. It was at this time that they scored three runs to our one run and finished the game with a 12-10 victory.

I’d like to think we wore them down enough which is why they finished in second place overall, losing to KPMG Dallas. I will say, they looked very much relieved by the time our game was over. We definitely left it all on the field and took a part of them with us.

At the end of the day, it was a great day with a great group of people. As coach, I am very proud of our effort and accomplishment in moving further in the tournament than we ever had in the past. I told our team, now that we’ve tasted this success, it’ll only be a matter of time until we accomplish our ultimate goal.

Two things I know for sure: we represented Austin well and Fort Worth is sitting up and taking notice of us … as well they should.