TSCPA Accounting Excellence Awards are awarded to students selected by faculty at area universities based on accounting GPA and overall academic performance.

Sophia Valdes, St. Edward’s University
Adam Landefeld, University of Texas, Austin
Ellery Capuozzo, Texas State University

Future CPA of the Year: Jack Cook  A student or candidate member who has participated in or supported Chapter events and programs

Rookie of the Year: Bryan Morgan, CPA  A new member who has made a significant contribution to the Chapter

Young CPA of the Year: Lara Akinboye, CPA  Member 40 years of age or younger who has made significant accomplishments within the profession, the chapter, the community and other professional organizations

Outstanding Operational Award: Linda Norelli, CPA   A member who has assisted with everyday chapter operations in an outstanding manner

Chapter Team Member of the Year: Jessica Sajak   Member whose committee work best symbolizes the constructive team work that keeps our Chapter strong and growing

Committee Chair of the Year: Mary Kay Robinson, CPA   Member who has led his or her committee in the most dynamic and outstanding manner during the year

CPA of the Year: Kristy Holmes-Hetzel, CPA   Member who has made a significant contribution or has attained recognition for the chapter or the profession; one who exemplifies the professional characteristics we admire and for which we want to be known

Distinguished Service Award: Michele Heyman, CPA   A member who has served the profession in an outstanding manner at the local, state and/or national levels

President’s Service Award: Jennifer Brown, CPA   Awarded to the member(s) instrumental in making the Austin Chapter President’s year of service a success

A BIG THANK YOU for these super volunteers and to everyone at the chapter who has made this a successful year!