A group of Austin CPA Chapter Business and Industry CPAs had the pleasure of touring the Celis Brewery on Thursday, November 1st.

As the story goes, in the Spring of 1992, Pierre Celis flew from Belgium to the U.S. to start a new brewery. No one suspected that he carried something very precious concealed in his tube socks. It was the original yeast strain Pierre had been using to brew his world-famous Belgian-style Wit beer for the past 30 years. And, there was no way he was going to brew without it. After some time, Celis was bought by another brewing company and eventually the famous Celis brews died out.

Exactly 25 years to the day it first opened in Austin, the legendary beer is back (again with the original yeast strain saved from earlier days) with a new brewery at the corner of Metric and Rutland in North Austin. The Copper Kettle Taproom is large and inviting and the group of CPAs enjoyed tastings of beers, snacks and camaraderie.