Donna Wesling
Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 1974 (BBA in Accounting)
Current Employer: Donna Holliday Wesling, CPA (i.e. myself)

I was, as they say in Galveston, BOI – born on the island. The family moved shortly after I was born, briefly to Austin and then permanently to Corpus Christi. I went all the way through 2 years of college at Del Mar Jr. College before transferring to Texas A&M. My family spent most weekends and vacations either at our fishing shack or the hunting lease. I never took to the hunting, but loved fishing, water skiing, gigging flounder, swimming and staying in the sun way too much for my skin’s well-being. Our shack was on The Intracoastal Canal on a spoil bank island was a kid’s paradise (not so much a high schooler’s though). At home, you would find me outside roller skating, walking on stilts or in my tree house.

Six weeks after I left for Texas A&M, my dad passed away. That event shaped who I am in many ways, as my mom was left in a precarious financial position. I knew I did not want to ever go through what she had to go through. But I also realized that my parents were always planning to do fun things “later”, so I’ve tried to work hard and play hard!

After graduation from A&M, I went a different path than most accounting majors and went to work for a local firm in Bryan. I have spent my entire career working in local public accounting, most of the time being self-employed. I think I stayed in public accounting because I really enjoy meeting with my clients, learning about their business and forming long term relationships. I also like that I do something different every day so I don’t get bored.

I went snow skiing for a few days in high school and then did not ski again until I was 40, but have not missed a ski season since. I also love hiking, knitting, reading and meeting up with friends and family. I have a daughter from my first marriage who became a tattoo artist after graduating college. You can check out her fabulous work on Instagram @onholliday. She and her long term, very Irish, boyfriend live in Portland, OR where he works in GIS mapping. When I married Steve, I became mom to Holly, who lives here in Austin and is a mechanical engineer (I’m sure she’s fabulous too, but I don’t understand much of what she does!). She is married to a guy you might know named Jeremy Myers, who is the chapter’s president-elect. Steve has worked with me for the past 13 years and is an associate member of TXCPA and the chapter.

I have been fortunate to be active in TXCPA my entire career. I have been a member of the Brazos Valley Chapter, the Houston Chapter, and of course Austin. I’ve been on too many committees to count, served on 8 executive boards at the state level from 1986 to 2013. I proudly served as Austin Chapter president and TXCPA chairman. I know I am a better CPA because of my involvement and I’ve gotten more out of it than I have given. I hope you do too!