U.S. Merchant Payment Solutions

U.S. Merchant Payment Solutions offers credit card, debit card, check, and gift card processing of all types for all kinds of businesses, integrating with QuickBooks, Sage 50, 100, 300, and other accounting management programs.

Retail & Restaurant Point of Sale, QuickBooks Payment Integration, Web Based Commerce, Gift/Reward Card Programs, Mobile Terminals, Smart phone/Tablet Processing, ATM’s, ACH Drafting, Automatic Recurring Payments, Equipment or Customer Finance Programs, and Guaranteed Check Collection

U.S. Merchant Payment Solutions can support your practice or your client’s business payment needs, and provide revenue for the CPA Scholarship fund, in FOUR ways.

  1. US Merchant Payment Solutions will guarantee a reduction in overall credit card processing fees to all TXCPA Austin members and their clients.  If we can’t save them money, we pay $500 to the business, or the charity of their choice!
  2. We will pay minimum $100 up to $500 to the CPA scholarship fund for each acquired referral generated by a CPA Society member!
  3. EMV Chip card readers or other upgraded processing hardware is FREE to any CPA Society referral,  as well as no long term contract, and we can pay off any early termination fees to current processor when they switch!
  4. We provide FREE integration and support with most Quickbooks,  Sage, and most other accounting software packages as well as all Online Payment gateways!P.S. And local, YES LOCAL support and service here in Austin!

Since 2012, over 80% of all security breaches were directed toward small to medium sized businesses, and USMPS offers the most complete PCI Security Compliant Solutions available today. Solutions include End-to-End Encryption, PCI Dedicated Help Desk, Quarterly Network Scans, and Reimbursement of fines and fees in the case of a data breach all to help protect users from hackers and identity thieves.

  • U.S. Merchants’ local office provides customer service, technical support and a local relationship.
  • U.S. Merchants’ customers access real-time reporting and peace of mind that comes from having best-in-class support, enabling merchants to focus on their business.
  • U.S. Merchants’ PCI security suite is a special benefit they provide, offering $25,000 Indemnity Reimbursement to businesses for fines, fees and audits in the event of a payment card data breach.

Please consider U.S. Merchant Payment Solutions when you or your clients need to review current credit/debit card processing options. Free equipment, software, and set-up are always included for new or existing businesses. It all starts with a no-cost confidential consultation.

Contact Ken Givens to set up your consultation today.