If you didn’t make it to the Chapter Holiday Party on Thursday, December 6 at The Park at the Domain, you missed out on a wonderful time. Fun games, great food, friendly CPAs and lots of merriment! This event wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of our generous sponsor, Xero. Please feel free to reach out directly to their representatives: Brad Gustafson and Bjorn Monsson.

Every year we play Guess the Number of Candies in the Jar. We have some great guessers! Both Kara Hamann and Holly Myers guessed the exact amount on the same two jars! The other two winners may have had not the exact number, but they were very close. Casey Anderson was three away from the exact amount in the Hershey’s Kisses jar and Paul Matthews was within five of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups jar. Not only did they get to keep the candy, but they also received a $25 gift card!

We also accepted gifts for SAFE Alliance and donations for the Chapter’s Scholarship Fund. We greatly appreciate everyone’s contributions!

Check out all of our fun below!