Austin Chapter member Tracie Miller-Nobles is an Associate Professor of Accounting at ACC.

On February 6, the Austin CPA Chapter hosted a panel discussion at Austin Community College. The goal of the panel session was to provide an informative discussion about the diverse career opportunities in accounting, the value of obtaining the CPA credential, and the path to get there. Panelists included Philip Campbell, representing a retail/wholesale distribution company; David McLean, representing a large public accounting firm; Christi Mondrik, a CPA-attorney with her own tax litigation practice, and Kate Rhoden, representing a regional accounting firm. I moderated the panel.

Over 50 high school and community college students attended, including many from ACC’s professional accounting certificate program. This program provides educational coursework to students who already have obtained a bachelor’s degree but need the necessary accounting and business hours to sit for the exam.

Panelists shared briefly about their education background and what their first job in accounting was. The panelist talked about why they pursued a CPA and what they enjoy about their job as a CPA.

Students left feeling that the panel helped them learn first-hand what it’s like to be a CPA. Students also received advice on how to study for the CPA exam and how to obtain their first job in accounting.

Tracie Miller-Nobles, CPA

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