Austin Chapter member Jessica Sajak files this report.

January 31st was a big day for me: I participated in TSCPA Advocacy Day!

Almost 200 TSCPA members gathered for great training and information on topics like how to make the most of meetings with legislators, what to expect this legislative session, and the details of TSCPA’s legislative agenda.

There was also a panel discussion with legislators who are CPAs, and in the afternoon one of our fellow members performed an accounting-themed rap! Who says CPAs are boring?

We then rode buses over to the Capitol building, where I visited my first legislative office, Representative Eddie Rodriguez. Unfortunately he was unavailable so I discussed TSCPA’s legislative agenda with one of his staffers. Although I was very nervous, he made me feel comfortable and was sincerely interested in CPA issues.

Next I ran into a super fun group of TSCPA members from San Antonio. Together we rounded out the afternoon by visiting Senator Zaffirini’s and Representative King’s offices. It was great to be so welcomed, and for each office to acknowledge CPA concerns.

It was a fantastic experience to be involved in our political process and to represent TSCPA!

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