More than 20 Austin CPA Chapter members, along with staff, met on the morning of December 12 to make plans for the upcoming year. Connie Clark, CPA, President Elect, along with facilitator Sam Zigrossi, led the charge.

Members divided into groups representing the 3 main areas as indicated on the Strategic Plan: Member Services, Education & Leadership and Community Involvement. Each group mapped the chapter’s plan to TSCPA’s new Strategic Plan to be sure the two are aligned. After each group reported on their discussions, the groups then were charged with developing metrics to measure success in each area.

Attendees included seasoned volunteers as well as newer CPAs who contributed with an unbiased, fresh perspective providing for excellent discussion. Next step is for each area’s Manager to meet with their committee leaders to develop specific tasks and goals for the upcoming year.

The new Strategic Plan and complementary budget will be included in a newsletter later in the spring.

Thanks to all who participated in this important activity!