How many of our members are excited to see The Accountant which opened Friday, October 14th? If you see the movie, please send us your reviews and we’ll post them here!


thumbs-up The movie was great!
Komal Paharia, CPA


thumbs-up I was really surprised about how good the movie was!
Jennifer Brown, CPA


thumbs-up I went to see “The Accountant” yesterday and thought it was a good movie. While it is an action flick and there are some darker parts to the plot, there was actual accounting involved and it did show that accounting can be interesting. The plot was decent and it was an overall good film – I would recommend.
– Carla S Denison-Bickett, CPA


thumbs-up The movie was fabulous!  It was was quite a thriller!
– Joyce Smith, CPA, CGMA


thumbs-up I enjoyed the movie. Suspense throughout the entire movie. A bit slow at times, but the suspense made me jump!  Rate it a B-. 
– Lucy Medrano


thumbs-up High energy, violent story about an accountant who has asbergers and does forensic accounting for some very dangerous people.  He has his own code of honor and when his dangerous clients violate it, he comes after them!!  Fun and entertaining.
– Mary Edwards, CPA


thumbs-up Fantastic movie! It made me want to change my specialty so that I could carry a gun and see some excitement.
– Mandy Klein, CPA