Tracie Miller-Nobles
Current Employer: Austin Community College

What made you decide to join TXCPA Austin?
As a professor of accounting, I think it’s important to promote the profession and the CPA license to my students. TXCPA and the Austin chapter has been awesome in supporting Austin Community College and the accounting department. I appreciate the opportunity that I have to network with CPAs who might be interested in hiring our students and to understand the skills that our students need to have to be great employees. I decided to volunteer for a leadership role in the chapter because I wanted to give back to the chapter for all the awesome things they have done to help out our students.

How long have you and your spouse been married? How did you meet?
My husband Kevin and I met on a camping trip in Big Bend National Park. He was recently divorced and only had a two-seat camping chair. I like to joke that he had an “available” sign on the empty seat. I thought that he was pretty cute and so I sat down next to him in his camping chair and the rest is history! We’ve been married two years and we spend a lot of time hiking and camping. We’ve upgraded his chair, though, to camping recliners.

Favorite food?
I love food and I love a great dining experience. One of the best dining experiences that I’ve had recently was through Outstanding in the Field. It’s a company that hosts dinner parties throughout the world. Kevin and I went to the dinner party at Vista Brewing (south of Austin) and the menu focused on farm to table food and highlighted Vista’s beer. Everyone sits around one long table and the food is cooked on site, right in front of you. It was an incredible experience one that I hope to repeat again!

Do you have a favorite musician?
I grew up listening to Willie Nelson. My parents always listened to Willie when we were on road trips. When I was in college, Willie came to town and I was able to see him live for the first time. My boyfriend, at the time, somehow managed to get us on Willie’s bus after the show. It was crazy fun! You can imagine the stories I can tell… ask me next time you see me.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Travel! I love to travel. I’ve been to multiple countries in Europe, China, United Arab Emirates, several Latin and Caribbean countries. I’ve also visited all of the states in the US – checking off my last state (Alaska) last summer when I took my dad and Uncle on a Salmon fishing trip. I love to explore, eat new food, learn about different cultures, see history, and just soak up the vibe.

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